Welcome to ShipShares.Edu "As one lamp lights another nor grows less, so nobleness enkindleth nobleness."

James Russell Lowell (1819 - 1891)
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ShipShares.Edu is the educational outreach arm of TransTech / ShipShares LLC. Learnt skills such as crafting the timbers of a tall ship, voyaging along an unfamiliar coast or navigating deep seas to distant lands are essential human assets of any nation seeking to preserve its maritime heritage as well as guide its future.

Universities, academies, schools, museums, organizations and others offering instruction in the disciplines listed below are invited to use ShipShares.Edu to alert prospective candidates of their program. Those everywhere who hear the call of the sea are invited to use ShipShares.Edu to find the educational program closest to their interests, needs and location.
Boatbuilding and seamanship programs – typically designed for industry apprentices or as youth / adult education workshops.

Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering – accredited universities that award undergraduate and graduate degrees in ship design and ocean engineering.

Marine Transportation – accredited universities that award undergraduate degree in Marine Transportation and related subjects.

Shipping, Trade, Finance – accredited undergraduate and graduate schools offering specialty degree in shipping, trade finance, political economy of shipping and shipping policy.

Admiralty Law – accredited schools offering the Juris Doctor (J.D.) in Admiralty Law and related specialties.

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED ... ShipShares.Edu is looking for help to fulfill its purpose. Please tell us about a maritime course or program you favor ... anywhere. Contributors will be acknowledged. With help from every corner of the world, ShipShares.Edu will become a resource for anyone called to follow the sea in her / his own way, to share its wonders and rewards, to preserve and perpetuate its rich traditions for generations to come.

And an ANNOUCEMENT ... After almost a century in lay-up, Uttmark's Nautical Academy is being reactivated to provide on-site short courses in marine shipping planning, design and development. All courses can be taught as seminars, in-house executive education workshops or integrated into conference programs. Please communicate for details.